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Incorrect Typing Puts Students Behind In Study. And Behind In Life.

In the age of the Internet, correct touch typing is the single most important computer skill for students to learn. Incorrect typing technique makes students do everything slower, every time they use a computer. This holds up classes, causes late assignments, and reduces teaching efficacy. And the negative effect on school results is just the beginning. Slow typing means fewer job opportunities, painful RSI, and handicapped computer literacy. If students can type properly, on the other hand, they have a huge advantage in school and in life. Here are just some of the benefits of correct touch typing:

Improved School Results

Correct touch typing makes it easier to type assignments, do research, and communicate. Students will be able to complete more work and get better grades.

Ready for College and the Workforce

Students who can touch type increase their eligibility for almost any job. Good touch typing will also make college assignments and practical work much easier.

Work Happier and Faster

Correct typing means using computers with greater ease and confidence. Students will complete all computer related work faster and be happier about it.

Easy. Effective. Excellent.

The most important thing to know about Ultimate Typing EDU is that it really works. That’s because it includes a comprehensive curriculum based on the science of muscle memory and structured repetition. But not only that, students love to use it. It includes step-by-step video teaching, effective exercises, and fun games. Ultimate Typing EDU has redefined keyboarding for a new era.

Effective Exercises

Effective Exercises

Ultimate Typing’s exercises are scientifically designed to train muscle memory through a series of structured repetitions.


Video Lessons

Video Lessons

Ultimate Typing is the only program to teach correct keyboarding technique through powerful video technology. Students can access over 50 in-depth video lessons.

Fun Games

Fun Games

Students love the fun games that make learning to touch type a breeze.

Powerful Tracking

Powerful Tracking

Students are motivated because they can see their results.

Simple Management. Powerful Reporting.

Ultimate Typing EDU gives teachers complete visibility and easy control. Add students and set up entire classes in just minutes. Easily monitor the class using industry-leading reporting. See how the whole class is going – or zoom in on an individual student, all in a few easy clicks.

Live Online Reporting

Live Online Reporting

Track student progress and identify problems easily, and take action quickly.

Actionable Information

Actionable Information

Get a wealth of actionable information about every student. See who’s doing well and who needs help. Make sure everyone’s doing their work.

Easy Online Admin

Easy Online Admin

The online interface allows easy administration of students and users. Import students, set up classes, and reset passwords in minutes.


A Rich Experience For Better Learning Outcomes.

Ultimate Typing EDU is built on the latest cloud app technologies. So there are no more slow-loading web pages, distracting ads, or confusing browser errors. Ultimate Typing’s unparalleled interactive learning platform works flawlessly on any computer or device.

Fast and Responsive

Fast And Responsive

No more slow loading web pages. Videos, lessons, activities, and apps all load instantly.

Always 100% Ad Free

Always 100% Ad Free

Say goodbye to distracting ads and pop-ups, and remove the risk that students will view offensive or explicit ads.


Unlimited Cloud Data

Unlimited Cloud Data

Typing results are stored and managed automatically in the cloud. No more worrying about finding additional data storage space; your system adapts to your class sizes.

Login Anywhere

Login Anywhere

Students can log in anywhere, even from home, and their results and account are instantly synchronized.

Heavy On Features.
Light On Bandwidth.

Because Ultimate Typing EDU uses the latest cloud app technologies, it provides a rich user experience without using up all your Internet bandwidth. Students can get started quickly, get more done in less time, and enjoy a premium user experience.



Log In on Any Computer.
In Any Location. Anytime.

Ultimate Typing EDU uses the latest cloud technology to seamlessly store and back up all data. This means that a student can log in on any computer in any campus, and instantly access the same account, results, and course progress. You can even allow students to log in at home or on their laptops. Cloud technology also eliminates the hassle of manual backups. All Ultimate Typing EDU accounts and data are automatically backed up for you. Have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that student typing results and accounts are safe.


24/7 Support. Unlimited Upgrades. Concierge Service.


24/7 Support

Your subscription comes with premium unlimited helpdesk support for teachers and administrators. Whenever you need some help we’ll be there in a flash.

Unlimited Upgrades

Your subscription comes with unlimited software upgrades to ensure your software is always running smoothly and that you stay up to date with the latest technology.

Concierge Service

Your dedicated support rep will work with your IT people to set up the software, students, and classes. Concierge service comes standard with every subscription.


Compare Ultimate Typing EDU to Previous-Generation Solutions

Ultimate Typing EDU is the premium keyboarding solution for education and is based on the latest cloud/app technology. It’s not like older programs that are based on slow web pages and annoying ads. We are happy for you to compare Ultimate Typing EDU to other options. Here are just a few points to consider.

  • Feature

  • Account Access on Any Computer
  • Students Can Log In From Home
  • Loading Time
  • Demand on School’s Internet
  • Video Teaching
  • Ad Free
  • Fun Games
  • Number of Exercises
  • Printable Certificates
  • Number of Courses
  • Support
  • Previous Generation

    (based on web pages)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Slow Web Pages
  • High
  • No
  • No – invasive ads
  • No
  • 50-100
  • No
  • 1-2
  • None or minimal
  • Ultimate Typing™ EDU

    (based on cloud/app technology)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Instant Desktop App
  • Minimal
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes – 16 Games
  • 377
  • Yes
  • 8
  • Unlimited 24/7 support included.

More Affordable Than You Think

To make the premier keyboarding solution affordable for every school, we’ve arranged generous academic discounts. For around the price of a takeaway meal, a student can access Ultimate Typing EDU for an entire year. Pricing varies depending on the size of the organization – so please fill out the form below to request your free trial and specific pricing information.

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